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well i guess the thing is that people are completely forgetting what triggers are supposed to mean? like yeah of course there’s nothing wrong with marking your content but when EVERYTHING is TRIGGERS it just gets kind of ridiculous.

ah I was actually about to post an addendum to that post

I also don’t think it’s bad to have lines drawn where you decide not to warn for different things! And it’s ok for those lines to be different for different people

it’s up to everyone to figure out where their own lines are, and the people who follow them can then decide if they want to continue to follow them or not

but it is SUPER UNCOMFY to me that people ridicule others for posting trigger warnings, even if those triggers seem over the top and ridiculous, because even triggers commonly accepted as ~legit~ get laughed about and brushed off and the people who ask for them labeled oversensitive. idk, I understand that there are people who use the word trigger inappropriately when they have no idea what being triggered actually feels like, but I also have no idea what the fuck triggers different people and don’t feel it’s my place to judge what is a legitimate trigger and what isn’t, especially when even the common ones are still laughed unkindly about.

basically I think it’s fine if you personally decide not to use various trigger warnings, but I wish people wouldn’t be so dismissive of each other

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  1. essaymarking said: yeah you don’t gotta, like, personally need trigger warnings in order to respect other peoples’ triggers? (for the record I was actually fine with Kankri for the most part but I also want to respect the problems that people have with him)
  2. fairymascot said: but yeah, that doesn’t mean we should write off the feelings of people who are legit triggered by stuff… plus i have no particular interest in making people just mildly uncomfortable either. so!! yeah
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